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CoPack FAQ

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What is your minimum?

Our smallest batch kettles are 40 gallons (approximately 350 12oz bottles). Pricing is lower for multiple batches.

How much will my product cost?

The price of your product will include the ingredients (with limited exceptions) so we cannot give you a cost until we test your product in our lab with our ingredients. Once we’ve produced a small batch and you approve the taste, texture and look, then we will give you a price for making and bottling it.

Do you source all the ingredients or do I have to provide them?

We will supply most of the ingredients. Exceptions to this would be items that are not in our supply chain or materials that only your product uses. These would be provided by you.

What kind of documentation do you need for ingredients that I supply?

We require a letter of guarantee of food safety and quality and/or a spec sheet with a Certificate of Analysis for all ingredients. If you are supplying the ingredient then you are responsible for providing the documents PRIOR to receipt of ingredient at our facility.

Can I visit your facility?

We invite and encourage all our new customers to visit our plant to tour and meet the staff. We also encourage you to be with us when we test your product whenever possible.

What type of bottles can you fill?

We can fill almost any container, but at this time our labeling system can only label round bottles.

We can fill various kinds of plastic bottles, but many bottles available in glass are not readily available in PET and may require large commitments in order to produce them. We do not stock any PET bottles.

Can you copack in pouches?

We currently do not have the equipment required to pack in stand up pouches.

Can you produce sample packets?

Not currently.

Do you copack dry ingredients, such as rubs?


Do you hot fill as well as cold fill?


Can you copack refrigerated products?


Do you have clients outside of Oregon?


What are your quality control procedures?

Paradigm Foodworks is certified for HACCP and SQF Food Safety by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We have a fully trained, experienced kitchen staff that produces high quality products both conventional and organic. A full-time experienced Food Safety specialist is on staff who will make sure your product is shelf stable, FDA approved and ready for market.

My vendor requires a third party audit on the production facility, have you had one?

We have GSFI Food Safety Certification under SQF Level 2.

Can you make food service sizes?

We pack in half gallons, gallons, Bags in a Box, and 5 gallon pails.

Can you create my labels?

We do not create or provide labels. We can assist you in sourcing a printer.

What are your terms?

Our CoPack Agreement contains all our specs and terms. This packet will be emailed to you after our initial discussion.