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Paradigm Foodworks Mexican-Style Salsas

Enjoy our version of traditional Mexican style salsas with a flavor for every taste.​
Perfectly wonderful for dipping of course, but also great added to fajitas, tacos or scrambled eggs.
Our Salsa Enchilada is made in the traditional molé style with smooth and natural peanut butter and a touch of cocoa. Olé!
  • Salsa Habanero - full of flavor and heat

  • Salsa Verde - loaded with tomatillos

  • Salsa Roja - dip and mild simmer sauce

  • Salsa Brava - caliente!

  • Salsa Enchilada - Puebla Style with a touch of peanut butter

Tacos topped with  Salsa Verde

Tacos topped with Salsa Verde

Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava

Enchiladas with  Salsa Enchilada

Enchiladas with Salsa Enchilada

12oz - 12/c                 13oz - 12/c