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Paradigm Mustards and English-Style Horseradish

10oz jar  6/case (mustards)

9.25oz jar 6/case (english style horseradish)

Used alone or in a favorite recipe, our 

mustards are a must-have staple in every pantry.

Fig Balsamic Mustard - Our newest flavor is a delicious blend of sweet and savory.  Figs and rustic mustard finished with the subtle sweetness of balsamic vinegar all combine to make a perfect taste.  Spread over a goat cheese log for a tasty appetizer, add a teaspoon to your favorite dressing recipe and pour over greens.


English Style Horseradish - A classic accompaniment to a hearty roast beef  sandwich or mixed with chopped basil, a drop of lemon juice and soy sauce to top beef or fish fillets.


Jalapeno Stout Mustard - A wonderfully hearty stoneground mustard infused with an Oregon Stout and a touch of jalapeno for that added bite.


Garlic Dill Mustard - Garlic and dill weed whipped into golden brown mustard with honey and spices...delicious!  Great for pretzel or bread dipping, stirred into potato salad or deviled eggs.


Horseradish Pub Mustard - Formerly our Classic Deli Mustard, we added a touch of horseradish to our original recipe.


Champagne Honey Mustard - A smooth and creamy mustard with a hint of  honey and champagne sweetness.

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