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Paradigm Regional Grill Sauces


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  • Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce - Here's our version of America's favorite bbq sauce.  Sweet and smoky with subtle spices that make it a KC Classic!

  • Oregon Microbrew BBQ Sauce - We found just the right stout crafted in Portland, Oregon to give our sauce a dark robust flavor with the mellow richness of fine brewed coffee. The perfect flavor blend for ribs, chicken or juicy grilled burgers.


  • North Carolina Mop Sauce - Tangy basting sauce for grilling and smoking, this classic mopping sauce hails from the hill country of North Carolina where BBQ is king! Brush or drizzle liberally over meat for a moist and flavorful result.


  • Hawaiian Island BBQ SauceA unique fusion of traditional tomato based BBQ with citrus, ginger and soy sauce.  Use on pork loin, ribs, chicken, grilled shrimp or tofu.


  • South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce - A true Southern traditional BBQ sauce - rich, tangy and savory infused with rosemary and celery seed to add depth. Equally amazing on ribs, pork shoulder and makes fabulous hot wings.


  • Texas Hot BBQ Sauce - From the State that takes its barbecue seriously comes our version of Texas-style grillin'.  And our new improved recipe is bolder, spicier and boldly hot

  • Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce - This whiskey bbq sauce adds that subtle spirits flavor that makes for a memorable Tennessee-style feast.  Rich, thick and robust with mellow sweetness.


  • Thai Sweet Chili - Sweet and spicy with a touch of citrus, ginger and just the right amount of heat. Pour over chicken, pork or rice and steamed vegetables.

  • Polynesian Teriyaki Sauce - Blending the complex richness of soy with the nutty flavor of sesame oil and finishing with the pungent spiciness of ginger. Delicious over grilled or stir fried chicken, pork or beef.

12 fl. oz. 6/c