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Heaven and Earth

Asian-Hawaiian Fusion Sauces

Four Fruit Sauce

Made with a combination or raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, currants and ginger.

Use as a meat glaze, marinade or a dressing over arugula & crumbled goat cheese.

Ginger Mint Sauce

Made with a spirited blend of mint and ginger.

Use with everything from lamb to fruit salad for sweet or savory dishes.

Sweet Sour Tangerine Sauce

A reduction of tangerine juice married with ginger make this a harmonious blend of yin and yang.

Use as a dipping sauce or in your favorite sweet & sour chicken recipe.

Dragon Fire Chili Sauce

A well-balanced and flavorful hot sauce with chipotle and chilies. Smoky with a hint of sweetness.

Add a splash to your stir-fry or a dash to your Bloody Mary.

Raspberry Hoisin Sauce

East meets West in this take on the classic Chinese BBQ Sauce. 

Fabulous with baked or grill chicken or chicken salad.

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