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Paradigm Haute Fudge Dessert Sauces


We have been carefully crafting our "Haute" Fudge Sauces in small batches with the finest natural ingredients for decades.  The proof is in the taste - rich, smooth, not too sweet with a delightfully balanced aftertaste.  We've created four unique flavors to appeal to every palate and application.


  • Aztec Fire - A little spice, a splash of vanilla with a touch of heat.

  • ​Bailey's Irish Cream - Smooth, creamy, decadent fudge sauce with a generous helping of Bailey's Irish Cream.

  • ​Deep Dark - Rich, dark chocolate blended with pure Madagascar vanilla.

  • Raspberry - Award-winning fudge sauce combining the ultimate in chocolate with raspberry liqueur.




haute cui•sine (ˌoʊt kwɪˈzin) 

1. food preparation as an art.

2. fine food prepared in an elaborate manner.

All Natural - no preservatives

10oz. Jar  6/case