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Paradigm Fruit Curds


Our curds are made in small batches with fresh Oregon eggs, Oregon cream, Oregon butter, cane sugar and real lemon and lime puree & the juice of real fruit  (no artificial flavors or colors).  Mildly sweet, smooth and creamy with a subtle citrus finish - the perfect topper for warm, fresh out-of-the oven scones, slathered on toast, as filling for layer cake or mini tartlets.  Its uses are limited only by the imagination.






  Lemon, Lime, Orange and Raspberry Curd     

"I just can’t believe how amazing your lemon curd is. Wow. It’s perfectly tart and creamy, not too tart, not too sweet. I don’t taste any weird egg flavor to it. Lemony delicious. I put a dollop in Greek yogurt and it’s just phenomenal. I just wanted to say thank you for making a lemon curd better than any homemade recipe I’ve ever tried. Found it at Fred Meyer and took a chance. I know it’s just lemon curd..but it’s just sooooo good! I had to tell you: awesome job!! Thank you, Tiffani"

Here's our definition of fall.  Cranberries and Pumpkin...spices and flavors combined for creamy deliciousness.  

We make these two curds only for a limited time in the fall.  Makes a perfect hostess gift. 

Paradigm Cranberry

& Pumpkin Curd


Paradigm Curds    10oz. 6/c

Paradigm Jams & Jellies


11oz. 6/c

Paradigm jams and Jellies - a flavor for every taste! 


  • Brandied Apple Cider Jelly 

  • Peach Raspberry - jam with a splendid mix of raspberries and peaches

  • Strawberry Jam with Oregon Chardonnay

  • Red Currant Jelly with Orange Liqueur

  • Seedless Raspberry Jam

  • Seedless Marionberry Jam - our newest flavor made with Oregon's favorite berry.