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Caramel Dessert Sauces

Our caramel sauce flavors are hard to resist - in fact, they can be downright addicting! Each small batch is slowly cooked and carefully monitored to ensure the right flavor and consistency.  Try our newest flavor - Bourbon & Butter!

All Natural, no Preservatives 10oz. Jar  6/case

  • Classic Caramel - old fashioned caramel sauce simply made from cane sugar, heavy cream from contented Oregon cows and pure vanilla.

  • Bourbon & Butter Caramel - incredibly rich and delicious, made with browned sweet cream butter and a bit of luscious bourbon.  Imagine drizzled over grilled peaches or a fresh baked brownie - divine!


  • Browned Butter Caramel - our original caramel sauce, gooey and rich but with the added complexity of browned sweet cream butter.

  • Sea Salt Caramel - same as our Classic Caramel with a modern twist.  The perfect marriage of sweet and salty.