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Creating your very own gourmet food line can be easy if you let the right people help you.


Paradigm Foodworks, Inc. has been providing start up companies with the support needed to achieve their goal of producing specialty sauces and gourmet foods since 1992. 


With the Paradigm Foodworks Custom Packing program you can expect:


  • Organic Certified

  • In-house R&D Specialist

  • Adherence to GMPs

  • A fully HACCP trained kitchen staff

  • Modern and flexible industrial cooking facility

  • Licensed by Oregon Department of Agriculture

The manufacturing process can be broken down into 5 easy steps:


  1. Meet with Paradigm’s R & D specialist to determine the best way to proceed with your product's creation.  

  2. Our laboratory will analyze your product for adaptability of recipe to batch production then run a Bench Top Prototype for Q. C.

  3. Submit the finished product for the customer's approval.

  4. Source the ingredients and cost the final formula.

  5. Stage the first production run.



Your cost will be calculated after we complete the 5 steps. It is based on a combination of ingredients and labor specific to your unique product.

Paradigm Foodworks Copack 

and Private Label Manufacturing

Paradigm Foodworks

is proud to be organic certified by Oregon Tilth

We're happy to answer your questions and help you navigate our process.  To get started, email us or call 503.595.4360.